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Art With Me Festival 2020

As Tulum has always been a hub of creation, it comes as no surprise that a unique art, music, and culture festival was born in our little beach town. In a time where society is lacking connection with the natural ways of the world, our roots in authenticity and celebration of culture, these ideals merged to form Art With Me, amalgamating as a beacon of hope and light.

Circa 2018, an assembly of creatives, musicians, and idealists who understood the brick and mortar of Tulum’s identity, came together to create an experience that showcased what this was; cultural history, a spiritual attunement to the planet, art, music, and the celebration of human connection. What they highlight through their programs is the beauty of Latin and Mayan culture, as well as international peoples of all creative endeavors. Beyond this, Art With Me highlights the human relationship to our planet, how sensitive Mother Earth is, and that as stewards of this planet, we have a duty to respect and honor her. The founding members collaborated with Tulum’s municipality to build up Eco-initiatives that helped preserve the land and educate its peoples on how to assist and be proactive about sustainability.

This year, Art With Me ushers in its 3rd year, in spite of COVID-19, with a proper government green-light based on the founders designing the programs and activation’s around proper safety protocols. Art With Me will be happening from November 11th until the 15th; these six days will be brimming with a myriad of sustainability talks, art exhibitions, kids’ experiences, music from some of the top artists in the field of sound, to gastronomy and Mayan cultural initiatives.

The song of Art With Me has woven itself into the ongoing, organic, and eternally mysterious hymn of Tulum- the quest to preserve the natural beauty and heritage of this land. Many who come here often don’t see the whole of what this place is, how essential its existence is to us who have called Tulum home for its warm, spiritual embrace.

This year of Art With Me is dubbed their Special Edition and to be the best one yet. If you are in Tulum over the coming weeks, these events can’t be missed and will only make your time here that much more beautiful.


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