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“Tulum held strong, and the community has come together”

In the wake of COVID-19, Tulum has gone through all the trials and tribulations that as a global collective we have had to endure and still currently are. But as our beautiful little pueblo now moves into the Yellow zone with reduced cases, Tulum as begun its re awaking.

The quarantine hit small business, local families, and the nomadic North Americans and Eastern travelers who call this place home, very hard. But Tulum held strong, and the community has come together in beautiful ways in support of keeping one another thriving. Volunteers and NGOs united, like Los Amigos de la Esquina, a local non-profit that helps educate and care for a group of young Mayan children and their families. Food donation boxes were given out to the families who were left entirely without government assistance or work. Tulum’s inhabitants all experienced a dark night of the soul over the last 7 months, but the sun is coming out once again and warming the land and its people with prosperity.

Our favorite hubs have been slowly reopening too, while still taking precautionary measures: checking temperatures, setting regulations for facemasks to be worn, etc. Adapting to adversity is a hallmark of Tulum’s identity and that of those who live here, and in the face of COVID-19, brands and the beloved small businesses have creatively adapted to stay relevant and prosperous during these unprecedented times.

The general feeling that permeates now is one of hope and positivity. Many have escaped to Tulum in the last month after only living in their four walls they call home, hungry for adventure, and continuing the flow of life. The lessons learned during quarantine here have already our collective, and we are grateful for the renewed sense of strength in continuing to move forward and into the new Tulum frequency of living.

While we can’t be sure of what tomorrow holds, today Tulum is renewed, vibrant, and ever-persistent in its quest of being a place of beauty, connection, and exotic mystique.

Stay connected with us here and on our Instagram The Tulum Portal for the latest on all the beautiful activation’s happening and spots to check out as Tulum comes back to life.

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