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Tulum and it’s ever-growing popularity, has captivated the hearts of
people with its vibrantly green jungle, crystal-clear mystical cenotes and the
turquoise jewel that is the Carribean Sea. Now, our once quiet beach town
has very quickly grown over the last few years and boomed on the map for
tourists craving their next fix of tropical backdrops.

For all who have passed through the paradise of Tulum, who have
called it home for a season, the diverse and sacred ecosystems of animal
and plant life is beyond stunning; it truly is a sacred space that epitomizes
the natural beauty of our planet. Across the world, many have stuck
thumbtacks in Tulum’s point on the map as their next dream destination to
visit. Tulum is currently one of the top beach towns in all of Mexico to
explore and enjoy, yet we have struggled with improving the ways in which
we handle the excess garbage waste that the influx of tourism has brought
along with it. Sadly the aspects of Tulum that we come here for are in
danger from things like single-use plastics, chemical waste and the
like. It’s imperative that we change our habits, not only as a
community in Tulum but as a global community as well.

In many ways, what we see happening here in Tulum is a magnifier of
what our planet as a whole is experiencing. The increase of garbage, rather,
the improper and unthoughtful ways in which we dispose of waste poses a
serious threat to our environment. Though, a silver lining has formed on
the clouds. Under the guise of Art With Me- Tulum’s Art and Ecocultural
Festival, Care With Me was started in 2018 on the basis of helping preserve
the natural land and wildlife of this place that we nomadic locals call home.
Art With Me was Tulum’s first conscious-based festival that focuses on
amplifying the local Native culture, music and Art. They seamlessly
integrated aspects of exciting festival activities with the importance of
learning and appreciating the Mayan culture- a culture that has played an
integral role in enriching humankind with spirituality, mathematics and
understanding of the history of our universe. Their program, Care With Me,
is undeniably the most important facet of their collective. Without programs
like this implemented, our chance to preserve these places that we come to
purely for its natural beauty, are grim.

The essence of Care With Me runs deeper than a Collective looking to
deepen its experience with those who come and enjoy what’s offered. Care
With Me is the personification of a diverse group of intellectuals who know
their social presence can initiate positive change for the community of Tulum
and reach people on a global scale, reminding them that we each have a
responsibility in taking mindful approaches and acting with intention and
proper action in guarding our natural world.

While Tulum has been dubbed an ecological refuge, the expansion of
the town at a rapid rate has called for conscious action in finding solutions to
match the preservation of land and animal life with the structural

Care With Me’s core areas of focus are the following:

● Establish good practices at festival venues to reduce environmental
● Host talks, workshops and art activities that will advice attendees how
to take action.
● Support the development and implementation of a Solid Waste
management plan for Tulum.
● Involvement in world wide movements and seeking of alliances with
national and international leaders that are educating and inspiring
action for a more sustainable future.

Care With Me breathes life back into our innate care, love and concern
for what we’ve been naturally blessed with. As we are all peoples of this
green and watery rock, it should be, and is, our highest goal and task to
protect nature.

The meaningful effort of Care With Me exemplifies the
goodness and proactiveness in humanity.

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