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La Madre Tierra: Mother Earth’s Organic Products

La Madre Tierra: Mother Earth’s Organic Products 


La Madre Tierra is a holistic and organic beauty boutique located in the heart of Tulum that produces and sells only the best quality of organic body, skin and hair products. As the global awareness of the importance of using natural and organic products continues to grow, shops like Madre Tierra offers wonderful alternatives to substitute chemical-ridden and un-environmentally friendly products.


Tulum is abundant with conscious individuals who strive to have little impact on our natural environment, especially including the care of the body: the care of your body goes hand in hand with the use of organic body products. As we are still a small pueblo on the map, in recent years it was a difficult adventure in hunting down holistic products. With Madre Tierra in the neighborhood though, we aren’t faced with this difficulty.


Living up to their business name “Madre Tierra”, which in english translates to Mother Earth, their  products are %100 organic and made in Mexico, promoting the utilization of locally sourced and natural ingredients.  They supply a colorful range of beauty products- from bamboo toothbrushes, natural sunscreen, creams made of medicinal plants, natural honey shampoo and conditioner, to organic mosquito repellant and facial rollers made of jade and other precious stones and crystals. Right down to their packaging they take a conscious approach as to how they wrap up their healthy goodies.


Businesses like Madre Tierra make living a more mindful and healthy lifestyle easier to achieve. By integrating health-based decisions into our lives it not only affects us on an individual level, but it encourages others in our circles to take action in living consciously. All over the world, shops like Madre Tierra are blossoming and reminding us that the care we put into taking care of our bodies is essential. All of us here in Tulum are grateful to have Madre Tierra. Take a look at their wonderful products through the link below, or if you are travelling to Tulum soon check out their store in town.

Organic Beauty Shop La Madre Tierra

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