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HAVEN: A playground for a group of elevated individuals who love and respect the true beauty of Tulum.


Lisa Jackson, a Canadian born Tulum local, is the founder and spearhead of AMARA TULUM, a conscious swimsuit brand that epitomizes the understanding in growing and developing a mindful business. Mindful in the sense of producing little to no waste, promoting a conscious lifestyle to her customers and embodying this practice on all levels of business. Her most recent endeavor is HAVEN, an abode that consists of several plots of land to be bought by 8 like-minded individuals who seek to live a more meaningful life. HAVEN will be a playground for a group of elevated individuals who love and respect the true beauty of Tulum.


HAVEN will be built on the Nicte Ha Property and by agreement with its surrounding community, %75 of the current natural vegetation will remain intact. Those who choose to be a part of HAVEN will be the few of those who help conserve precious organic wildlife and the natural flora and fauna of this sprawling 400 hectares of protected jungle land. They have incorporated an “edible” plan into their workings to help re-attract native animals by growing certain foods already native to the area while the land undergoes the construction needed to build housing. In this way, HAVEN is not only protecting plant life but animal life as well. From vanilla, cacao, achiote, pitahaya, Mayan nopal and other tropical fruits and veggies have been growing on the HAVEN property will continue to be cultivated, thus promoting an authentic “farm-to-table” lifestyle for the residents. The veins of the Yucatan Peninsula are the countless freshwater reservoirs in which HAVEN will have access to for daily needs. The mortar and pestle of HAVEN’S building material includes the following: guadua bamboo for construction, fish pole and black bamboo to be used for custom made furniture and decorations.


This courageous and bright-eye woman, alongside her business partner, Walter Frias who is leading the HAVEN project as well, aims to show whoever joins them on this conscious crusade that harnessing tools of self-sufficienciency, eco-focused projects and ways of living, that one can live abundantly while protecting this green and wild planet of ours. Their presence in the Tulum community is cherished and their intention behind HAVEN is what many of us here in this little town are striving for- healthy living, on all levels.

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