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Matcha Mama: A Vegan Love Story

Matcha Mama: A Vegan Love Story

Tulum emanates healing energy, encouraging everyone who visits and dwells here to embody a conscious lifestyle. With daily doses of vitamin D boosting energy, holistic activities for the mind and body, and of course delicious restaurants and cafes with well crafted, mindful-based dishes, here is the haven of living clean.


Matcha Mama’s birth was a natural process that solidified from the dream of three friends who had ventured across the world, specifically in South America and South East Asia, who found a mutual love for Acai and Matcha. Ryan Rafferty, one of these three, spearheaded Matcha Mama with Alexis Madero, a vivacious Latina with a love for wholesome and healthy cooking. During the formative stages of Matcha Mama’s growth and design, Alexis paired up with Ryan and helped create Matcha Mama’s menu. After navigating and laying down the groundwork, the first Matcha Mama stand sprouted in the Latino Shangri-La that is Tulum. As Ryan fondly recalls, they were like two kids hustling a lemonade stand together; the perfect mix of humor and amazing food.


The manifesto of Matcha Mama is “simple life”; the design of the Matcha Mama hub fuses an authentic and laid back vibe with the healthiest of foods to delight your palate with. Their venue has dreamy, beach-like swings made of rope and wood slats painted white and beautiful murals of flamingos and tropical plants splay across their walls. The place simply vibrates with bright, holistic energy. Staying true to their mindful-business approach, Matcha Mama is an eco-friendly and sustainable brand. They use bamboo straws and biodegradable take out boxes and recycle all possible waste. Matcha Mama brings you back to basics and helps you to nurture those peaceful and innocent moments in life where an amazing vegan smoothie, matcha drink or acai bowl is the highlight of your day.


In the ominous way that Tulum helps people manifest their dreams, Matcha Mama was a beautiful prequel to the birth of Alexis’ and Ryan’s firstborn, Kenzo, 11 months after the opening. For these two healthy, powerhouse business owners and lovers of life, everything so far has culminated in an adventure of parenthood, promoting conscious eating and how to run a business based on love and respect for the human body and the environment we’re situated in. Kenzo on many levels has inspired them both in creating a future where more people wake up with the understanding that how we eat, what we feed our children, our family, is impactful in how we live our lives.


Ryan and Alexis are a beloved couple of Tulum. Without being able to enjoy Matcha Mama, no doubt Tulum’s gastronomic pleasantries wouldn’t be as noteworthy. For all of us vegan, vegetarian and those who swing in between on the dietary spectrum here in Tulum, Ryan and Alexis’ contribution to our community of healthy nomads is a feature that is woven into the identity of Tulum.  Our taste buds simply wouldn’t be as delighted without Matcha Mama.


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