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Co-Lab: The Architecture of Community

Co-Lab: The Architecture of Community

As Tulum is blooming quickly in the global community of real estate and those who want to build a getaway sanctuary home in the Caribbean, sustainable and conscious-based plans of development are of the highest importance in crafting structures within a delicate and beautiful ecosystem. Joshua Beck and Joana Gomes have diligently crafted their architecture brand, CO-LAB Design Office, with a team of architects and designers to create and execute exactly that.


Tulum Portal’s goal is promoting conscious structural development for our clients who are eager to plant their roots here in the Caribbean, and CO-LAB is a leading business in building Tulum up from a mindful standpoint, out of love and respect for the beauty that initially attracts people to this sacred land. By utilizing sustainable resources and affecting the natural environment as little as possible, CO-LAB brings a fresh and much needed approach in this area of Tulum’s development; rather than removing Tulum’s beauty, they enhance and accentuate it with their designs.


CO-LAB has built some amazing spots in Tulum with their original designs- a noted one being Tulum Treehouse. Tulum Treehouse has grown into a kind of haven for the old school Tulum locals wanting to enjoy an intimate yet refreshing space away from tourist hubs. Another project of theirs that has been 5 years in the making that has come to fruition is Luum Zama, has protected %50 of its natural jungle backdrop of it’s 8 hectare property.  A stunning feature of this project is the series of 22 vegetated pedestrian parkways’ interconnecting the central park with a perimeter ring park, complete with bike lanes and exercise loop circuits. These lush pathways act as channels around the property for people to enjoy. CO-LAB has added other noteworthy features to Luum Zama that enhance Tulum’s beauty, such as a stunning and large open air studio, made out of bamboo to be used for yoga classes, meditations and group activations.


Their conscious designs not only have incorporated the nature of Tulum, but the goal of the Tulum community in living with awareness and focusing on mindful and healthy activities.


Without question, Josh and Joana are an innovative power couple taking charge in affecting the outcome of Tulum’s structural development from a consciously elevated standpoint, creating spaces that people continuously enjoy and admire. All of us who care for the environment of Tulum bow humbly to them for their courageous adventures in protecting the sacred geography of this place. Contact us here at Tulum Portal to learn more about the beautiful projects and plans that Josh and Joanna are crafting.

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