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Bibi Brzozka: A Conscious Pioneer

Bibi Brzozka: A Conscious Pioneer.

As a beacon in the Tulum community, Bibi Brzozka stands at the forefront on the battlefield of our global spiritual revolution. She is an inspiring voice in the small but growing collective of people in a corner of paradise, teaching both locals and newcomers of Tulum, Mexico how to tap into more subtle energies and hidden wells of power and to harness these tools for their inner journey.


Bibi is nothing if not a crusader, traversing the plane of spirituality and encouraging a mindful lifestyle in honoring all aspects of our beings, both on the physical and metaphysical levels. Having weaved herself into the communal tapestry of Tulum for the last two years, she navigates this realm as the Wellness Director at Nomade with a group of other conscious minds. They have collectively crafted an amazing program by utilizing unique local and worldwide healers, energy workers and designers and artists to assist one on their physical and spiritual adventure. Aside from being a part of the Nomade Wellness team, she peppers herself across the land and adds her own unique voice and approach to the work she does. She’s helped Nomade curate classes and workshops for those seeking to disconnect from the material world and realign with their own sense of self. She helps you tap into a channel of energy to embrace a generally happier way of being while navigating life. Bibi is as well a highly respected Conscious Sexuality Facilitator and Speaker in Tulum to date; all who know have enjoyed a session with her admire the powerful work she does. With natural warmth, humor and a hint of Polish fire, Bibi offers unconventional and refreshing tools to realign and elevate yourself.


The travelling business has been greatly evolving over the last several years. Tulum has become a Mecca of sorts for people wanting to indulge in conscious experiences, to reconnect with themselves and with the natural world. The Wellness Program at Nomade that she has helped shape includes yoga classes, talks on conscious sexuality, sound healing, ancient Pre-Hispanic ritual traditions like Temazcal Ceremonies and offering conscious-based food and drink, from energy elixirs to vegan cuisine. Their program is not only offered to clients of the hotel and other visitors, but for the almost 300 staff members of the hotel and friendly prices for the Tulum community too. As our global society is shifting and becoming more active in looking to experience life changing adventures, Bibi has tapped into this beautiful niche and shares her work with as many people as possible.


Bibi understands and upholds the vision that connecting with Tulum locals helps promote a sense of community in a place that largely caters to foreigners who are looking to drop coin on sacred experiences. Tulum is a place where people naturally feel drawn to opening their hearts and removing the mask that we tend to wear for the rest of the world, making it a safe-haven for expression and freedom to live as who you truly are. Bibi’s classes and programs are beautifully exposing; paired with the emotionally naked happiness one feels when in Tulum, she acts as a catalyst in helping you reach deeper into your core. Bibi is dialed in and has incredible knowledge to share. Wherever you are at in life and however long or short your self spiritual journey has been thus far, Bibi has an anecdote for those from all walks of life.


You can find this exciting woman basking under the Riviera sunwaves here in Tulum, exploring the waters of the ethereal and the ever-evolving identity of our Consciousness.


You can find our more about the wellness program at Nomade here:

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