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How One Chef Created A Compost Solution for Tulum’s Restaurant Waste

Mauricio Jervis, a native of Mérida, founded Woolis Green Solutions in 2016. Fast forward a few years, and he and his team now collect two tons of organic waste each day from restaurants and hotels around Tulum. The waste gets hauled in the back of a pickup truck to Woolis Farm, located just north of Tulum.


Jervis is also the executive chef and owner of Tulum’s Farm To Table Restaurant. His vision for his recycling and composting project comes without any limitations. However, he finds that some businesses aren’t willing to spend the money to compost their waste.


For the clients Jervis serves, they’re given boxes that can fit up to 50 kg of waste that cost 550 pesos for removal. Other charges include a one-time staff training fee of 1,500 pesos, and a monthly collection fee of 3,500 pesos for every ton of waste collected.


Once the waste gets to Woolis Farm, it’s sorted and distributed for animal feed. The rest is used in aerobic and anaerobic composting, which becomes fertilizer and soil for the many gardens on the farm.


Six people live and work on the farm to assist with the composting process and tend to the chickens and pigs. Because there’s an abundance of freshwater and sunshine, not much irrigation is needed. In addition, the farm has its own cenote, whereby rainwater gets filtered through layers of limestone.


According to Jervis, his Farm To Table Restaurant aims to make organic food available to a larger demographic. Ultimately, he strives to keep creating clean food that can be affordable to all. His vision is already becoming reality thanks to his composting solution.



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