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Experience a Healing Mayan Clay Massage

Experience a Healing Mayan Clay Massage Right in Tulum

The original Mayan Clay SPA in TULUM MEXICO was established in March 2008, located at k.m 8 beach road.


Mayan clay, found in Tulum and the Riviera Maya, has been used by natives for countless generations. The healing properties of the clay have the ability to energize, hydrate, and detoxify the skin. Moreover, applying the clay to the body can benefit those with skin conditions, such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. An added benefit of a Mayan Clay massage is the release of stress and anxiety.


The minerals, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc, are all contained within the clay and are responsible for its numerous healing properties.


Massage therapists rub the clay into your body, face, and hair to soften the skin and then let it work its magic. After the massage, guests take a warm shower to remove the clay, then have a few relaxing options to choose from. They can sit in the Jacuzzi bath with Epsom Salts, sweat out toxins in the sauna, or jump into a cenote pool.


More than the beautification and hydration process that occurs during a Mayan Clay massage, its benefits go even deeper. According to the locals, the Mayan Clay can absorb impurities and acids from skin tissue, and help to heal sunburn, rashes or mosquito bites. It also stimulates the regenerative functions of the skin.


Even more, the Mayan Clay can help with depression. By massaging a thick layer of Mayan Clay along the spine, the minerals from the clay reach the central nervous system. In turn, this helps the body fight depression and even migraines.


Needless to say, this unique massage opportunity only afforded to locals and visitors of Tulum, is a special treat.




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